R-Son The Voice of Reason

R-son the Voice of Reason joins Phillip and David and we dig into his history of becoming R-son, Gangstagrass , and all things nerdy. He also throws down a stellar freestyle and we talk about criminal justice and his education in the field.

In this Episode

  • R-son discusses his early days in first grade on the school bus with his classmate.
  • We talk about his education and degrees in Criminal Justice from Penn State and University of Delaware.
  • We get really nerdy talking about comics and Black Tribbles, the podcast for sci-fi fans of color.
  • He freestyles (twice….sorta…ahh technology) and we may need an updated theme song.


R-son the voice of reason describes himself as an old dude with Philly attitude, rhyme skills & true school flavor; add in degrees in criminal justice and 40 years of comic book nerdery.

A member of the group Gangstagrass, the World’s Greatest bluegrass hip hop band, with releases since the early 2000’s.

Delivering extraordinary wordplay & freestyle fire, R-son the voice of reason releases started with 2017 The Art of Words and most recently, 2023’s V IV V (five for five).

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