IVA joins Phillip and David and talks about her rising cinematic, opera-pop. She also plays a couple of tunes from her newest release Nobody’s Woman

In This Episode

  • We learn about her about her early inspirations from her “Renaissance Man’ grandfather
  • Watching “Hard Days Night” everyday before kindergarten.
  • Training as an opera singer at 9 years old, to studying at illustrious universities and then abroad in Sweden.
  • A skit on the Conan O’Brien show, and that opened even more doors that she confidently walked through.
  • She even plays a couple of tunes back to back!


IVA is a vocalist and songwriter with an ethereal powerful voice and a cinematic feel to her music. 

She trained at Princeton University, the Juilliard School, and the Manhattan School of Music before moving to Stockholm, Sweden, on a Fulbright scholarship to study the music of her ancestors. Early on she signed her original music with Universal Sweden, performing on national TV and radio while making her debut at the Swedish Royal Opera.

She’s been tapped “Who’s Next” by M Musicians Magazine, called “supremely talented” by Guitar World’s Acoustic Nation, and featured in Billboard.

She’s released several albums and EPs with her most recent being her Americana-tinged four song EP Nobody’s Woman in March 2023 after making a breakthrough with “Run” on Spotify and AAA radio.

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