Highlights from the No Planet B Jamboree

Enjoy these highlights from our recent cautionary celebration during Earth Month – the inaugural No Planet B Jamboree!

In This Episode

Along with important stories and “green” details provided in between.


Thank you once again to our sponsors The Tavern at the Sun Inn, Godfrey Daniels and The Energy Co-op. Consider switching your provider of electricity, natural gas and/or home heating oil over to The Energy Co-op for fully renewable generated resources.

Bonus: Music Performances from the No Planet B Jamboree

Get to the music, Phil!” Here is all of the music from the episode and highlights of the live performances from the inaugural No Planet B Jamboree. Enjoy!

Recorded Song List:

  • “Do Not Destroy” by Cicada Rhythm (recording courtesy of GPB Media)
  • “Terraforms” by TIOGA
  • “Under The Sun” by The Darling Suns
  • “Caravanserai” by Loreena McKennitt

Live Performances:

Dylan Zangwill

  • “Back Home”
  • “Don’t Go”
  • “Because It’s You”

Sean Kelly of The Samples

  • “Close To The Fires”
  • “Nature”


  • (New Song)
  • “Bad Vibes”
  • “Grey”

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