Black and White image of Sean Kelly with his arms folded on acoustic guitar. The logo for The Samples appears in the upper left.

Sean Kelly of The Samples at Boonton Coffee

Phillip and David interview Sean Kelly of The Samples and were pumped to make this a reality. They headed to Boonton Coffee in Boonton, NJ where Sean had performed the night before for an interview filled with nuggets and stories that you might know, and some you probably never heard before (we sure didn’t!).


Best known for his tenor voice, unique guitar playing and songwriting, singer/songwriter Sean Kelly is the front man for The Samples. While attending only one year of high school, he began playing guitar and composing his own songs. After moving to Colorado in 1987 to start a band, Kelly became a fixture on local club stages as the front man for The Samples, playing original songs with a variety of rock, reggae and folk. When not touring with The Samples, he enjoys playing his songs acoustically. Kelly’s songs have been featured in various soundtracks and advertisements including “Could It Be Another Change” in the film The Perks of Being a Wallflower and in television’s Younger and in ads for MSNBC’s election coverage. With The Samples, Kelly has released twelve studio albums, several compilations, EPs and live releases. 

Sean Kelly and The Samples

Sean Kelly and The Samples Music

Boonton Coffee

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