Jon Worthy

Join Phillip and David as they spend time with Nashville-based rockstar, and literal poster child for Your Next Favorite Band – Jon Worthy.


Jon’s electric performances have been blazing the Bethlehem stages over the past few years. At one of them, Phillip captured the photogenic performance in silhouette and thus our main image was born!

We’ll hear all about Jon’s early years finding his groove, and his more recent successes becoming a full-time musician and his upcoming releases. He’ll even play live on the show!


Based out of Nashville for almost 10 years, Jon Worthy is a musician & producer whose sound has been be described as if Nirvana had a baby with The Lumineers.

Jon shares, “I’m comfortable with whatever anyone listening to my music wants to call me, I make the music I want to make”.  Playing over 100 shows a year while working a full time job, he continues “Live, I am pure adrenaline, energy and passion”. In 2022, he made the leap to being a full time musician.

Jon has released three full length albums along with EPs and singles. With over 80 songs released and a new album currently slated, and he has had tracks placed in programs on Netflix, Major League Baseball, USA, and more. Worthy is also busy with his side project KJ Wild featuring Nashville artist/songwriter Kiki Halliday. His newest single “I don’t care what you say” is set for released on March 29, 2023.

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