Easy Honey

This incredible band out of Charleston, SC has the dual sound of fresh indie-rock balanced with familiar feel-good beachy vibes.

In This Episode

  • We’re joined by co-frontman/guitarist Selby Austin, and bassist Webster Austin
  • We get the origin story from their time at Sewanee, The University of the South and their move to Charleston, SC.
  • Environmentalism is very important to the band, and we even get into their surfing habits. Look for Phil catching a wave with them.
  • Selby will perform their song “Spells” live, and we share some video we captured during their Musikfest set of “Gotta Get Back”


Easy Honey was born out of the small-town innocent college days: the days of walking home under the starry night, and springing under the watchful eye of sunny graveyards, Dairy Queens, and neo-gothic cathedrals. Easy Honey’s witty melodies dotted with catchy hooks serve as anthems of nostalgia for their indie rock audience of daydreamers and nightseekers. Drawing inspiration from the originality and attitude of The Kinks, The Replacements, and Radiohead, the band’s raucous yet sentimental live show exemplifies the realness that people crave.

The band’s latest EP, Ooooo, landed itself on numerous popular playlists and precedes more releases from the band under the direction of producer Wolfgang Zimmerman. Co-frontmen Darby McGlone (vocals, guitar) and Selby Austin (vocals, guitar) share writing and singing duties, while Charlie Holt (drums, vocals) and Webster Austin(bass, vocals) provide a rhythm section which complements the personified, interwoven electric guitars. When not touring, the band lives in Charleston, SC, leading the way in the rapidly growing music scene…and surfing Folly Beach when home.

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