A Day Without Love

Brian Walker from A Day Without Love is on a mission to spread good vibes. This independent DIY musician has been called folk punk or singer/songwriter, regardless you want to listen!

In This Episode

  • Brian breaks down the start of A Day Without Love and early inspirations, how his poetry got turned in to the first songs, and how one of them, inspired by the ugliness of domestic violence that he helped stop, became the band name and launched the mission to help others rise above their own struggles
  • We get a look at his evolution of his songwriting process, the DIY scene and making friends, and finding the confidence to put himself out there. Also, we may have inspired is next album title (we hope…probably not)
  • We are lucky enough to have him preform “DIY or Die” along with “Better Times” and “Caffeine” to give you a taste of the genre defiant of A Day Without Love.


A Day Without Love is the brainchild of multi-genre and multi-disciplinary creator, Brian Walker, A Day Without Love is on a mission to spread good vibes and help others rise above their own struggles.

A Day Without Love started by releasing their 2013 EPs Island and Confessions of the Innocent Mind. In their first year, Walker continued releasing material with his first album Solace arriving the following year. Touring expanded beyond the east coast and the album Diary was released in 2018 to critical acclaim. Walker used the pandemic to supercharge his productivity, releasing the album Mega Jawn, 11 eps, 140 podcast episodes and a poetry book “Surviving and Diving”.  2023 saw the release of the album A Stranger That You Met Before

The band has continued to tour and record music as Walker searches the world to spread wisdom, joy, happiness and the willingness for others to rise above their own struggles. A Day Without Love wants everyone to chase their dream and be the best version of themselves no matter what sets them behind.

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