Behind the Sound: There, There (a tribute to Radiohead)

This week we present a completely new type of episode for us – “Behind the Sound”. These episodes will focus on the gear and tech of a band to understand how they achieve their distinct sound. For our first installment, we spend time with There, There – a tribute to Radiohead.

In This Episode

  • We deep dive into the gear that allows There, There to create the sonic landscape of Radiohead.
  • Hear about their effects pedals, their pick-ups, sample pads, chaos pads, “rackzilla”, and much more!
  • Joe and Cory from There, There join us to talk about and give a deeper dive into things.
  • To get the deep dive into the band, check out the conversation from September of 2022 with There, There – a tribute to Radiohead
  • BONUS: This episode’s video and audio versions are different! The Video version digs really deep into the gear since so much is visual, but the Audio version includes a special behind the scenes conversation with with the band recorded the night of the show in the green room.

There,  There – A Tribute to Radiohead Links

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