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After delivering a powerful close to Musikfest 2022, Fox Royale have continued to deliver at a high level – releasing new music and non-stop touring to support. Join us as they take a moment while on tour to share with us their story, their song writing and their music. We have a very cool recording of their high-energy performance during Musikfest and they will be performing live acoustically during the show!

Fox Royale make anthemic, jangly indie-rock that sparkles with the same energy as acts like Cage the Elephant and Vampire Weekend. Before they were in a rock band, the members of Fox Royale were in a traveling orchestra. The band was born when high school friends Nathan Hurley, Davis Drake, and Evan Todd along with Nathan’s younger brother Caleb began jamming in their parents homes. Eventually they started thinking “Hey let’s try a little harder at this.” The band then began touring extensively for three years, Eventually earning a stage in front of War Road music management, who gave them their first record deal. Fox Royale has since put out several singles, most recently releasing Carnival Gods in October 2022.

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