Accessible Festivals And Inclusion Festival

We are joined by Executive Director Amy Pinder and learn all about Accessible Festivals, a wonderful organization who works to make sure that all festers have what they need to be included and feel welcome to join in the fun.

Ticket grant programs, ensuring safe spaces, and providing sign language interpreters are just a few of the incredible initiatives this organization provides. They even have their very own Inclusion Festival annually! Be sure to check this one out as it is sure to raise your awareness.

Accessible Festivals Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster connection and understanding through the universal language of music, to provide a platform where people of all abilities and identities can connect and build relationships, and to inspire the creation of safe, inclusive, and equitable communities.

Accessible Festivals

Amy Pinder

Amy is the co-founder of Inclusion Festival and a speech-language therapist with over fifteen years of experience working with individuals with disabilities and neurological differences in a variety of educational, vocational, and community settings. As a therapist, Amy incorporates joyful, regulatory, and play-based movement such as yoga, juggling, and hula hooping. She is also the founder and owner of Circles of Communication, a private practice that offers integrative speech-language therapy and alternative education programs in Central New Jersey.

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