Dan Drago, host of 25 O’Clock Pod

We hear more about his story, how he navigated back to Philly from Western NY, music influences, bands he played in, his international smash hit “South Street Bridge” and how he started and made 25 O’Clock the longest running music podcast in Philadelphia (we think).

Audio Part 1

Audio Part 2

Video – full interview

Very cool moments around music that “flipped a switch” for our ears and where we were introduced to them, which spans from WBER, listener supported radio station in Rochester NY, to Beavis and Butthead, and more!


Dan Drago has called Philadelphia home since 2004, moving there from Western New York to establish a homebase while playing in bands and touring. Playing actively and touring from 2004 to 2013, Dan threw himself into the Philly music community. In 2014, he got out of the van, set up a mic, and created 25 O’Clock: a podcast focusing on the Philadelphia music community. He started interviewing guests at his kitchen table and eventually put together his own studio in 2015. Dan has kept his finger on the pulse of Philadelphia music for almost eight years and 250 episodes, as of the time of this recording.

Dan lives in South Philadelphia, plays bass in Philly band Lovecartel, as well as occasionally performing his own solo work. He volunteers at Rock To the Future, teaching songwriting and production to students who don’t have easy access to music programs.

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