Gerard Longo, founder of Underground Music Collective & host of Quinn Spinn

An episode chock full o’ stuff!! Tune in with Phillip and David as they are joined by Gerard Longo, founder and CEO of Underground Music Collective and host of the Quinn Spinn podcast.

In this episode

  • All about Gerard’s story, which includes battling and beating cancer at age 16
  • Starting the Quinn Spinn on the radio in college
  • The start of the “underground” with Lehigh Valley Underground before moving to Nashville to launch Underground Music Collective
  • And being in the running for Mr Health and Fitness!
  • AND an announcement about Nashville Meets Bethlehem: An All-Local, Nashville-Style Songwriter Night at SteelStacks. You can apply through July 10, 2023


Gerard Longo’s interest in music began at an early age and continued through his time at Moravian College where he hosted his own show radio show. 

Gerard launched Underground Music Collective as the Bethlehem, PA-based blog, Lehigh Valley Underground, in 2016. Underground Music Collective is a Nashville-based digital music resource center and multimedia services company and has evolved into an ecosystem designed to empower independent musicians and creatives through content features, live events, educational opportunities, and much more. 

Gerard also hosts The Quinn Spinn , which is the Official Podcast of Underground Music Collective and the origin point of the entire UMC ecosystem! Launched as a passion project in August 2013, The Quinn Spinn tells the stories of those daring enough to create, through conversations with musicians, creative entrepreneurs, and real humans who aspire to have a positive impact. 


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