Tedious & Brief

We are joined by Jamie Jacobsen of Tedious & Brief, who’s music and convo is certainly not the former, and you won’t want it to be the latter.

In This Episode

  • We play a guessing game with Jamie involving the billboard charts (she does better than David)
  • Jamie tells us the origins of her music and moving to Nashville from Chicago (go Sox – we have to)
  • The film Once gets mentioned, more than once (drum hit here)
  • “Slow Down” is played by Jamie acoustically. Check out the original to see two different sides.
  • We learn about how the name “Tedious and Brief” was part of the S-Town podcast and get some Shakespeare thrown in.


Jamie Jacobsen is an indie pop songwriter who heads up the groovy, slickly produced project Tedious & Brief.  Jacobsen took up guitar and songwriting at a young age. She has mentioned her earliest influences include Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which has evolved into a more polished sound featuring airy synth elements and vocals akin to Maggie Rogers or Lorde. 

Her debut single “Papercuts”, set the mood for the rest of Tedious & Brief’s debut self-titled EP.  They have also released a live album featuring their performance on Audiotree live and several singles, including “Not That Deep”, “Middle Class” and most recently “Tired Work”.

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