David Lizerbram and Andy Keatts: hosts of Rock Docs pod

Phillip and David spend some time with fellow podcasters David Lizerbram and Andy Keatts, hosts of the phenomenal Rock Docs podcast – recently signed to the Treble Media family of offerings. Tune in, and then check out their show – subscribe and give them a rating!



In this Episode

  • Andy and Dave talk about cultivating the idea for the podcast
  • There are lots of podcasts about music, many about documentaries, but why not one about both?!
  • We dive in to a couple key episodes, and hear what they’ve got planned coming up
  • We learn what rock docs surprised them and it is not what you expect. Note: you need to see it.


Created in 2021 by David Lizerbram and Andrew Keatts, Rock Docs dissects music documentaries from the perspective of music fans, even if the hosts are not always specifically fans of the artist covered in each film.

Each episode is dedicated to one movie. Sometimes they cover a band they know really well, and sometimes they are learning about them by watching the rock doc and discussing. 

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