Kassie Hilgert, President & CEO of ArtsQuest

In the midst of the busiest week all year, Kassie Hilgert sat down with us to talk all things Musikfest – what it means to her and to the community, the most important aspects of it, and where it is heading.

In This Episode

  • We dig in to some “Musikfest Weird”
  • She also gets vulnerable when we share some highlights of great moments from the past
  • We touch on her story and the accolades she’s been receiving, but she’s too humble to shine too much of a spotlight on that.
  • Learn more about the festival and other offerings from ArtsQuest


Kassie Hilgert serves as president and CEO of ArtsQuest. She oversees the strategic direction of ArtsQuest, ensures its long-term sustainability and delivers on the organization’s mission to increase access to the arts for all, revitalize blighted cities and build communities through the arts.


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