Highlights from Musikfest 2023 Daily Livestreams (Part 1 of 2)

The first half of the highlights from our Daily Livestreams during Musikfest 2023 from Godfrey Daniels. In addition to some great content, it can also be a cure for the post-fest blues!

During the livestream we share Picks of the Platz and updates on weather for that day, and then bring on a guest or two. We take the highlights from the interviews with those guests and share them here.

In This Episode

  • Ramona LaBarre, Managing Director of Godfrey Daniels
  • Ryan Hill, Senior Director of Programming for ArtsQuest
  • Addy Teal-Young, Programming Specialist for ArtsQuest and member of Fig for a Kiss
  • Craig Larimer, Director of Marketing for Historic Bethlhem Museums and Sites
  • Jeff Wentz, Festival Rookie
  • Greg Provenzo, Festival Rookie
  • Max Swan, saxophonist and songwriter
  • Frank DellaPenna, Cast in Bronze
  • Dan Drago, host of 25 O’Clock Podcast

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