Trey Schibli

You may know him as the lead singer and guitarist for Argonaut & Wasp, but this week Trey Schibli joins us to talk about his visual art and what it means to be a Creative Technologist. He’s done work for Disney, Netflix, MTV and the Foo Fighters.


Trey Schibli describes himself as a Creative Technologist and artist with experience in creative concepting, experiential, motion, and interactive design. He is deeply inspired by lighting and projections not only as illuminations but also as a spatial device.

He utlizes real-time technologies in conjunction with music production suites to create toolsets, interactive experiences, generative artworks and previsualizations.

In addition to visual and interactive work, he is a highly experienced sound designer and music producer and a member of Argonaut and Wasp. Works includes composition for full length feature films and music production for various television shows.

Trey Schibli

Argonaut & Wasp

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