Seán Barna

Seán Barna takes a moment during his tour in support of his recent album An Evening At Macri Park to sit with Phillip and David and share his story.

In This Episode

  • Philadelphia goes 3-for-3 in July as Seán joins us from the last night of his tour
  • An incredibly vulnerable convo as they touch on his “viscerally queer” epithet, the deep emotional hurdles he worked through as a college freshman following the loss of his brother, and how he faced feeling like a “Dishonest Artist” and came out publicly and as an artist.
  • Lots of laughs over the fun stories that include Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows
  • Seán performs two acoustic songs for us: “Routines” off of Cissy EP, and the opening overture and first track off of the recent album, “Disco Nap”.

We’ll also share our fav songs off An Evening At Macri Park, “Benjamin Whishaw Smiled” and “I’ve Been Sleeping With Strangers”.


Seán Barna is a viscerally outspoken queer artist and performer, embedded in the tradition of fearless queer storytelling.

Seán was a semi-professional drummer by age fourteen and graduated with a degree in classical percussion at age twenty-two. Barna has since served as the drummer of Deaf West Theatre’s Los Angeles production of Spring Awakening and the national Broadway tour for The Producers

Seán has released 2 albums, several EPs and singles. Released in May 2023, An Evening at Macri Park, – his second LP and Kill Rock Stars debut, —is a character study of the dimly-lit Brooklyn queer bar, Macri Park, and the creatures who thrive within its walls.

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