Time for us to check back in with Rench, Dolio the Sleuth, R-Son the Voice of Reason, and the rest of the genre-busting phenomenon that is Gangstagrass.

In This Episode

  • They’ll take time while on tour to share with us the latest music they’ve got cookin’ up for their upcoming release – The Blackest Thing On The Menu.
  • Great stories to dive in to from the history of the band
  • Find out what it’s like to be on America’s Got Talent and get a standing ovation from the judges.
  • We’ll take a listen to “Only Way Out Is Through” and “Obligatory Braggadocio” and the crew will also play live for us during the broadcast!


Gangstagrass is a dirty fightin’, gator wrestlin’, foot stompin, genre bustin, Billboard chartin, Emmy nominated team of Bluegrass Hip-hop pioneers. Known for the theme song to the TV series “Justified” and for giving you hope about America’s future. Featuring real bluegrass pickers and real hip-hop emcees. Radical desegregation of roots music at a fundamental level.

A true example of the belief that we are better together, Gangstagrass combines great American traditions of bluegrass, hip-hop, and beyond to create a whole new musical genre that is more than the sum of its parts.

More recently, between an appearance on national television that made everyone’s highlights list, and a glowing New York Times op-ed titled “This Is The Music America Needs,” the band is geared up to get us dancing on common ground for their national and international tours and their upcoming full length


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