The American Hotel System

The American Hotel System was one of our “Must See” bands at Musikfest 2023, and we loved them even more after seeing them perform.

In This Episode

  • We are joined by Jacob (guitar/vocals) and Hailey (drums) and jump into the origins of The American Hotel System
  • Want to talk coffee? Jacob has got that on lock. He used to work in the coffee industry!
  • The Up’s and Down’s that have happened from family medical needs and traumatic head injuries, to winning the Grand Champion of Music prize (the real name) and opening for Bon Jovi in 2022.
  • We get 4 songs in this episode! The band performs 2 for us and we add in 2 so you can get a taste of all sides of their sound.


The American Hotel System is a rock band from Grand Rapids, Michigan that aims to provoke the mind through heartfelt lyrics and intentional musicality. Opening for Bon Jovi in 2022, their powerful sound has resonated with audiences and garnered attention from Relix Magazine, BuzzMusic, CLOUT, and LEVELUP. As two-time Music Prize finalists and Grand Champions of Music Prize 2022, they stand as a dynamic force, pushing the boundaries of contemporary rock.

Their latest release titled Can You Hear It? EP was released in fall of 2023.

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