Brittany Ann Tranbaugh

This week we are joined by the ever-clever, award-winning, queer Americana artist from Philadelphia who was hailed as being “the future of folk music” .

In This Episode

  • We dive back to the early years and talk through all of the ups and downs that have lead her to the full-time musician life she is currently leading.
  • Songwriting and performing has always come easy, but Brittany did go through a time that she needed to focus on her mental health.
  • Back at it since 2021, Brittany is on a roll that includes a John Lennon Songwriting Contest win for “Kiss You” and an album produced by Tyler Chester.
  • Featuring “Kiss You”, “The Good In That”, and “Can’t Wait, No Rush”, and Brittany performs music that is both recently released, and not yet released (at the time of this recording).


Brittany Ann Tranbaugh is a Philadelphia-based songwriter whose queer Americana heartbreaker “Kiss You” won Song of the Year in the 2021 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Tranbaugh has been writing songs and playing shows as a side gig since she was a teenager, but in February 2023, at 31 years old, she finally quit her office job to pursue a full-time career in music. Her newest release is a self-titled EP produced by Grammy-winner Tyler Chester which showcases Tranbaugh in her new era: energetic, self-assured, surrounded by her beloved musical community, and more commanding as a vocalist and writer than ever before.

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