Rachel Ana Dobken

We’re joined by multi-instrumentalist Rachel Ana Dobken who’s bluesy rock is continually reaching new heights…and she’s releasing new music to take it even higher!

In This Episode

  • Learn how Ed Sullivan contributed to her dreams of becoming a rock star
  • Anxiety set-up an obstacle course that she had to navigate
  • She also hears her songs as a drummer, how that impacts her process and the end result.
  • We share some live performances, one with the full band and an acoustic performance from our Daily Livestreams during Musikfest, along with a sneak peak of “Cruel Cruel Cruel”, the first single from her upcoming release.


Rachel Ana Dobken (drums, guitar, vocals, piano) studied jazz at Bard College. Her music is raw and honest with a stage presence so emotionally captivating that it’s been compared to the likes of Janis Joplin and Jeff Buckley. She released her debut EP Detach in 2016, the LP When It Happens To You in 2018 and her newest single, “Cruel Cruel Cruel”, the first single from her upcoming release.

Rachel Ana Dobken

Rachel Ana Dobken Music

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