Bandits on the Run

All three Bandits-Adrian, Regina, and Sydney-talk with us about their music, their bond, and their story. They perform live and make sure hang on until the end, we have an exclusive early release of their new single Reach Back.

In This Episode

  • Meet “Roy Dodger”, “Clarissa the Clairvoyant”, and “Bonanza Jellyfish” and learn about “bandit names” and train “stick ups”
  • Hear about a fateful subway encounter that built the band and a song.
  • We discuss the trials of being an independent artist and specifically challenges around race and preconceived notions of what “folk musicians should sound like”
  • We feature “Love in the Underground”, “Sing You To Sleep” and they’ll perform “You Have Changed” live
  • Stick around to the very end because we get to premiere their new single Reach Back! Make sure you presave on Spotify, Apple Music or your music service of choice!

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Comprised of Adrian Enscoe, Sydney Shepherd, and Regina Strayhorn, Bandits on the Run is an indie-folk-pop-americana outfit consisting of three lead singers, a guitar, a cello, a suitcase drum, an accordion, and various toy instruments. 

They hail from Brooklyn, NY and are known for their vivacious performance style, genre-defying sound, soaring harmonies, and ability to make music-magic happen everywhere from subway platforms to concert halls. 

Their releases include 2017’s The Criminal Record, 2021’s Now is the Time and recently the singles Radio and You Have Changed, and the upcoming Reach Back

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