Seth Witcher

With his incredible voice and dynamic songwriting, Seth Witcher joins us around the fireplace for some thankfulness banter.

In This Episode

  • Seth is the perfect guest to join during the week of gratitude, as he’s one of the most humble and grateful people you’ll ever meet.
  • He discusses a setback when he was very young and being grateful to that person for helping to shape the artist he is today
  • Featuring his songs “I’m Afraid of Love”, “Marionette” and “I Hate Love Songs”. Be on the look-out for his new music dropping on 12/5/2023 “Give Yourself Away”.
  • Stay tuned all the way to the end as Seth kicks off the winter holiday season for us!


Hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Seth Witcher is a dynamic creative force, intertwining music, production, performance, and visual artistry. With soul-penetrating lyrics and melodies, Seth envisions his music as a guiding light through life’s shadows, weaving an eclectic tapestry across Pop-Punk, Pop, Indie Rock, Singer-Songwriter, and RnB. Rejecting clichés, Seth channels the essence of emo into transformative tunes that uplift. Choosing happiness over engineering, Seth serenaded his way into bars, securing gigs and captivating hearts. With over 100 annual performances, Seth’s commitment resonates as powerfully as his evocative art. In Seth’s narrative, music transcends; it heals, empowers, and celebrates vulnerability.

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