Kuf Knotz & Christine Elise

Kuf and Christine are putting out some of the most unique music around right now, pairing poetic lyrics and dope beats with soaring vocals and angelic harp.

In This Episode

  • We hear how they joined forces in a Whole Foods and about their individual backgrounds that lead to that moment.
  • Learn about the wonderful Higher Grounds Music organization to provide resources and advocate for mental and emotional health and positivity.
  • Get centered first with some “Intro Mantra”, and we get to feature “PhiLOVEdelphia”, “Be Free” live from Musikfest. Hang on until after the credits to hear “High Vibrationz” in advance of its release worldwide.


Named Philadelphia Magazine Best Rapper of 2022, Kuf Knotz Blends hiphop poetry with deep grooves of soul and beats sun kissed with the spirit of Lo-Fi & 90’s era vibes. “Christine Elise” is a classically trained harpist, pianist, and vocalist who has been consecutively touring across North America along with studying music therapy at a masters level led her to find a passion for community music therapy. The unlikely pair connected and built the project with a similar vision, wanting to create positive, forward-thinking music driven by a strong message.  

Their releases include 2018 Higher Grounds and Community in 2021, along with releases available only at a show near you. 

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