Alex Radus / Hot4Robot (at Lost Tavern Brewing)

Do you think you can play like Django? How about Radus? Well think again, and tune in for our in-person convo with incredible finger-pickin singer-songwriter Alex Radus and prepare for “genre whiplash”!

In This Episode

  • We sit down with Alex at the Bethlehem location of Lost Tavern Brewing and learn about how people recognized his talent at a young age, earning him the opportunity to attend the Augusta Heritage Center – dedicated to the preservation of traditional American styles of music and performance.
  • Inspired by the sounds and mentors, he learns many different styles of playing, begins writing the music he was meant to create. He meets Maria Woodford to form the folk duo Duende and they start busking/touring across the country
  • Now a resident and part of the fabric of the rich Lehigh Valley music scene, Alex continues to perform throughout the area solo, as a trio, and as the recently formed rock group Hot4Robot along with Dave Cahill
  • Alex performs acoustic versions of “No Control” from his catalog, and “Just Human” from the Hot4Robot album.


Alex Radus has been called s a “sultry crooner”  and “master guitarist”, but his songwriting takes center stage. Known affectionately for his unique brand of “genre whiplash”, Radus pairs whimsical and poignant storytelling with an eclectic mix of Americana, swing, blues, folk and more. 

During his early career, Radus was awarded a youth scholarship to Augusta Heritage, a center for the preservation of traditional American styles of music.  There he was first exposed to and learned from some of the nation’s best finger-pickers who helped influence his unique finger style and respect for traditional music.

Alex is also a member of Hot4Robot, the brain child of Alex and Dave Cahill. Blending a colorful palette of alt rock, punk and new wave influences, Hot4Robot weaves its own unmistakable and fiercely unconventional sound. 

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