Judah Kim

Judah Kim, a Philly-based “underdog” DIY alt-rocker who’s songs have soaring vocals, and structure that put your ears at ease. David puts forth a “Beatles/Radiohead” vibe, and that sounds just about perfect.

In This Episode

  • Judah was born in Philly, the 7th of 8 from parents to immigrated from South Korea.
  • A proud Asian American, Judah is passionate to share that a path in rock n roll is there and to raise awareness on the mental health impact of a culture with a excessively strong emphasis on academics and success
  • We talk all about the upcoming Asian American Pie, an all-Asian concert lineup featuring 5 acts at World Cafe Live and Judah discusses why it is important to have an all Asian rock show. Get tickets!
  • Featuring the incredible tracks “Fate” and favorite “Backdoor”. Judah will also performs “Confetti” during the broadcast.


The word “underdog” can be synonymous with Philadelphia (ROCKY!).  Coupled with being a minority, this is the story of Judah Kim.  He is a proud Asian American Vocalist / Songwriter / Multi instrumentalist / Producer from Philadelphia Pa.  His music ranges from intimate and introspective to playful and visceral – all while maintaining a sound tethered to Indie / Alternative Rock.  Having proud immigrant parents who accomplished so much through tireless self reliance, Kim has adopted that work ethic and pride into his craft and his career.   With no label and no management, Judah Kim has been able to book international tours, achieve FM radio play, and license his music to various television shows worldwide. In 2020, his song “Fate” was added to the highly selective Crucial Music Publishing Catalog based in Los Angeles California and currently writing and recording while doing a string of summer shows.

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