Mike Mains & the Branches

Mike sits down for an open, vulnerable and courageous conversation with Phil while on tour at Ardmore Music Hall in support of the their latest release Memory Unfixed

Mike was our very first guest back in June 2022! Check out the inteview.

In This Episode

  • Explore their music catalog and the journey they’ve taken their listeners on, and where this new record lands
  • The time between when this record’s music was written, and when it was released was a difficult but important time for Mike
  • Mike shares the struggles he was dealing with around addiction, abuse and depression leading him to have to take a break
  • “Starting to like himself”, Mike is sharing his story on stage and with us here in hopes that it can help others know there is hope and there is help


As vocalist, songwriter, producer, and namesake of Mike Mains & The Branches, Mike Mains thinks aloud in his songs. He ponders events and experiences as well as their ensuing effects on his identity, telling intimate stories through artful pop rock. After generating millions of streams and consistently captivating audiences on tour, the band recognize, accept, and absorb these formative mementos on their 2023 fourth full-length offering, Memory Unfixed.

“I’m just a husband, a wounded healer, and a grateful storyteller,” Mike leaves off. “If these songs make you feel less alone, I did my job.”

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