On A Roll Banter

Phillip and David talk about the inaugural Listen to the Dissonance event and reveal the date and time for the No Planet B Jamboree. And as an added bonus we release the exclusive six song performance from Sean Kelly from the 2023 No Planet B Jamboree.

In This Episode

  • The inaugural Listen to the Dissonance event was February 4, 2024 and we are so pleased with how everything turned out.  We’ll share some details and thoughts, and a highlight or two.
  • Announcing the details of the 2nd annual No Planet B Jamboree!  It will be on Sun 4/21 at 2:00pm ET in the Courtyard of The Sun Inn.  And we have a back-up plan should the weather force us indoors – so you can comfortably SAVE THE DATE!
  • 6-song exclusive performance Sean Kelly of The Samples recorded for last year’s No Planet B Jamboree.  We’ve never released it before, so if you didn’t tune in last year, or weren’t a part of The Samples Fan Page group on Facebook, it wasn’t out there for you.

Sean Kelly performance


  • “Shine On”
  • “Indiana”
  • “Buffalo Herds & Windmills”
  • “Close to the Fires”
  • “When Its Raining”
  • “Nature”

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