Best of the Musikfest Daily Livestream from Godfrey Daniels (the first half)

During Musikfest I was lucky enough to set up at Godfrey Daniels all week to interview various guests – a combination of musicians playing at the festival as well as people who are part of organizations who support the arts and music. The full versions of the interviews are all available on our YouTube channel by day, and we thought we’d take the best moments and release them here as podcast episodes for you to enjoy.  Hopefully you might check out some of the unedited ones as there’s some great stuff in there.

This episode contains the highlights from the first half of Musikfest, then we will release the full interview with all of the members of Blair Crimmins & the Hookers, which happened at the midway point, then the second half interviews, and a special bonus episode containing all of the live musical performances.

Definitely want to take a moment to sincerely thank Godfrey Daniels and Ramona Labarre specifically for their generosity and support in letting me conduct these on site all week.  Be sure to check them out at

So let’s get things started with Ramona Labarre herself!

Guests in this episode:

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