Yo! That’s My Banter with guest co-host Nate Runkel

Today we displace the guilt and embrace the pleasure as we welcome Nate Runkel as a guest and a co-host, so I guess its a guest co-host!

In This Episode

  • First, we’ll promo the upcoming songwriter’s round we helped co-curate the line-up of: Sounds of the Underground on Fri 6/21 on the Levitt SteelStacks stage in Bethlehem, PA. This exciting opportunity is shared with Gerard Longo of Underground Music Collective.
  • Then Nate and I will dive in to his show (show…s) primarily Yo! That’s My Jawn, but also 2 Old / 2 New with Bruce Warren of WXPN, Oops…All Bards, and more.
  • Nate does a cool thing on all of his YtmJ episodes where he puts each guest through the “Jawntlet”. I’ll share my thoughts on these questions and will probably obsess too much, dissect it in to oblivion, and ultimately make up my own rules…you know, like usual. (Editor Note: This part is only in the video)

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